You don’t need a bulging wallet to save the world.

Here are the actions you can take, even with a budget of a couple of quid, an old boiled sweet and a piece of string.

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Consult the websites of migrant aid charities and food banks to see what kind of food is needed — usually dried or tinned goods.

Then ask your neighbours to help you collect them. Allocating one type of food to each street in your neighbourhood can be good — and then the competitive instinct kicks in as you see which street can come up with the most.

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Along the US/Mexico border, the Border Angels charity leaves jugs of water along desert migrant paths, to prevent dehydration — an all-too-common cause of death for migrants.

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Ask your artist friends to donate a piece of work, then sell it in a live auction or online, to raise money for a cause that needs it.

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Buy second hand. You’ll be benefiting a charity if it’s from a thrift store, or helping out the seller if you buy direct.


Either way, you’ll be circumventing big business and shrinking your carbon footprint.

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Casserole clubs are an Aussie concept: volunteers share extra portions of home-cooked food with people in their area who aren’t always able to cook for themselves — the elderly, the disabled, the lonely. Cooks share once a week, once a month, or whenever works best for them.

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Got access to a photocopier or printer? Make a zine, then hand it out at a gig or political meeting. Whee, it’s just like the 80s all over again.


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If you own a business or work somewhere public, display a sign to make it clear that everyone is welcome.

In Portland, Oregon, USA, the Independent Publishing Resource Center made signs that read: We welcome ALL races,ALL religions, ALL countries of origin, ALL sexual orientations, ALL genders. We stand with you. You are safe here.

If you’re a maker, you can produce something similar — and make them available to others. Offer them via social media, using your local hashtag, Facebook page or message board.

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It costs surprisingly little to become a card-carrying party member. It also gives you the right to vote on important party decisions, like leadership and the stance they take on important issues.

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No need to wait for someone else to organise it: running an event is easy, especially if you’re a fan of checklists.

Hire a venue, make a Facebook page, alert the ‘what’s on’ magazines: bingo!

Now you can run a fund-raising event, or invite speakers, or collect and sort goods for the homeless. Or take it outside: a ramble or a group cycle rally can also be a great chance to raise funds and plan action.

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This tiny action takes your beliefs out into the world, and shows people you’re ready to discuss them. Badges on the lapel? That’s fashion forward, too!

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With cutbacks to local authorities, who’s going to make improvements and repairs to our streets?

Here’s a radical idea — you!

Naturally, this one isn’t strictly legal (although in some places, local councils are training residents up to fill minor potholes) so it will all depend on your perception of the balance between doing good, and staying within the law.

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May break the law, proceed with caution!This action may contravene the law in some jurisdictions: proceed with caution.


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