Draw The Line (2nd edition): book cover. Fist artwork by Karrie Fransman

Welcome to the next phase of the Draw The Line journey!

This November, a new edition of Draw The Line will be available through US publisher Street Noise Books.

Smaller, paperback, and with edits to adapt it to a primarily US audience (although it will be available worldwide), this is a different beast from the coffee table edition we were proud to self-publish. Think of it less as an art object; more as a nifty handbook to stuff into your backpack as you head out to change the world.

Despite our fervent belief in shopping local, big companies paying fair taxes, etc etc, we’re linking here to the Amazon listing because that’s literally the only place you can pre-order at the moment (UK page here). The instant it’s available elsewhere we’ll nip in and change the heck out of that link.

Meanwhile, why not go and look at the ISBN number etc etc, and then encourage your friendly local bookshop to put it on their list for Autumn?

All the profits that would normally go to an author will continue to be donated directly to our nominated charity, Choose Love, giving practical help and support to refugees around the world.